Sports Passport Aims to Keep All Your Sports Memories in One Place

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By: Adam White, @FOSAdam

After signing up, Sports Passport creates your virtual passport. Image via Peter Robert Casey

After signing up, Sports Passport creates your virtual passport. Image via Peter Robert Casey

With every sporting event attended, comes a memory. Sure you can snap a photo while you are there to memorialize the experience, but what happens if you want to remember what actually happened in the game you were at years from now. Before today, you would have to go and look back at when the photo was taken or the text was sent, but now there is a whole new way to store your sports memories.

Now available on the App Store, Sports Passport is a revolutionary app that makes it easy to track, chronicle, and relive every game you have attended - all the way back to 1973 for certain sports - creating a virtual storehouse of fans’ favorite sports memories.

“For years, sports fans have held onto could-be-recycled cardboard ticket stubs for one reason: Nostalgia,” said Casey, also CEO of Sports Passport. “It immediately transports us back to that game-winning shot, extra-inning pitcher’s duel, or fun time tailgating with family and friends. Tangible ticket stubs have become an innocent casualty of the digital era, and Sports Passport lets you literally ‘tap’ back into those fond memories right from your mobile device, filling the connective void.”  

Not only can you store memories, but the app allows you to track your sports journeys. From check ins at stadiums that give you stamps like a customs agent would on your passport, to a leaderboard showing you where you have been and how many points you have scored, the interface is smooth, intuitive, and easy to use.

As a sports fan myself, I took the app for a test drive after it became available to the public. A few of the standout features for me were how fast the app is, how easy it is to sign up with either a social account or email, and the overall design.

From the moment you open the app, it is lightning quick throughout. Whether you are swiping, searching or scrolling, the interface quickly adapts to your needs in a seamless and smooth execution. In all the pages I went through, I didn’t have to wait more than 3 seconds for any of them to load.

When it comes to signing up, you can use either your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or your Google account on the social side of things. If you want to be old school, you can still sign up with an email and password. Regardless of the method you choose, signing up is a breeze. 

I am not one to download new apps, but when I do, my main desire is that they are clean and crisp. On that account, Sports Passport delivers. With clear text, a big search bar on the home page, high quality images mixed in throughout, and a navigation bar at the bottom that shows you where all the features are at, I felt like I could use the app proficiently from the moment I opened it.

In an age where everyone is attached to their social media, sports passport seamlessly allows users to leverage existing social media behaviors, by connecting their Instagram accounts to automatically pull in their photos as check ins, reducing friction and driving deeper engagement.

It will be interesting to see where Sports Passport goes from here as they add new teams, leagues, and features, as well as integrate with their current database of five sports and eight leagues.

For the purist, it might not be reliving the game through grandpa's story around a fireplace, but Sports Passport is set to become the coolest and most tech savvy way to store your sports memories in one place.

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