Startups couldn’t be any hotter in sports right now. As more and more people continue to try and start their own businesses, established ones are creating venture capital arms in hopes of helping promising companies develop into industry-leading initiatives.

One such company getting into venture capital is longtime sports industry stalwart, KORE Software. With KORE Software Capital LLC, KORE will use its industry-leading capabilities in business management solutions for sports and entertainment to make strategic investments of up to $1 million each.

Virtual Reality (VR) is newly chartered space where you can live out real life simulations without the physical experience.

While the thrill of VR still grabs gamers, twelve NFL teams have taken it upon themselves to use it to their advantage.

The use of VR by these NFL franchises allow quarterbacks, linemen and safeties the opportunity to be fully immersed in a game or practice situation without the physical contact of other players.

With every sporting event attended, comes a memory. Sure you can snap a photo while you are there to memorialize the experience, but what happens if you want to remember what actually happened in the game you were at years from now. Before today, you would have to go and look back at when the photo was taken or the text was sent, but now there is a whole new way to store your sports memories.

Ask any investor or entrepreneur what the most important aspect of a successful startup is and you will most likely get a response to the tune of, “The people.”

No matter how many emails you send, how many Slack giphys you receive or how many LinkedIn connections you sift through, nothing replaces the human element and no one knows that better than Dylan Boyd, Director, New Programs Development, R/GA Ventures and Scott Dudelson, Dodgers Accelerator Managing Director.

As we all know, a career path never goes in a straight line. You have goals and a plan to reach these goals, but it rarely happens the way you expect. This is what happened with Troy Ruediger. He started as an athlete, got a degree in sports & entertainment management and then ended up exploring the world of sports startups. Along this journey he discovered his love for sports technology and so Starters was born.