Amidst the craze of NBA team owners purchasing eSports franchises, the NBA itself has upstaged them by creating the NBA 2K eLeague. This will become the first official eSports league to be operated by a US professional sports league. In a partnership between the NBA and Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., “2K” fanatics will finally be able to put their skills to the test on a large scale.

It can be difficult to be a fan of an out of state team. I have never personally encountered this situation, being as I have always lived in Ohio, but I know some who have. My grandparents live in South Carolina, but are still fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Indians, Browns, and The Ohio State Buckeyes. A lot of times, unless the games are very big, they cannot watch them because they only broadcast the Carolina teams. How convenient would it be for them to be able to purchase one package to watch all of their teams? Led by what could be considered an outsider, we may see the industry moving in this direction soon.