Athlete activism can be defined as athletes speaking out on important issues. Whether it is a political or societal issue some athletes are not afraid to step up and speak out. Athlete activism has become a crucial part of athletics and the importance of their work can be largely underrated.

Women Breaking Through

In the week of Women’s Equality Day, I thought my first post to Front Office Sports should be about women breaking into sports. Owning a public relations firm for professional athletes and entertainers, my focus has always been to empower girls to truly go after it if they want to be in this industry. I was really lucky in my journey into sports but have quickly compiled some tips for all young ladies out there.

We all make mistakes. Some of us make bigger - or more public - mistakes than others, while the rest of us make mistakes that may not see the light of day.

We are human. We are prone to make mistakes.

But, the Internet and our outrage culture make it difficult for any one of us to make mistakes. Everyone becomes so enraged that another human makes a mistake that it must be FIRE AND BRIMSTONE and we must burn down the entire village so that the individual learns never to screw up again.