Football is one of the more controversial sports in the country. Viewed by some in the public eye as a violent and dangerous sport, it has been found that playing football can lead to a retirement wrought with pain and suffering. Amongst other things, these recent medical discoveries have perpetuated a decline in NFL interest.

The Super Bowl continues to be a moneymaker for every host city and region.  While no host team has ever won the Super Bowl, each year, that city continues to win big in the ‘G’ column.

The ‘G’ stands for green, which is the color of victory for Super Bowl host cities. 

Last season, per a study conducted by Dr. Patrick Rishe of Sportsimpacts, Super Bowl 50 generated approximately $240 million, which is a conservative estimation. 

I don’t know about everyone else, but personally, my favorite part of being a fan of anything is to see people out of their element. Whether that is seeing my favorite athlete spending time with their family or my favorite celebrity doing an interview about why they love what they do, it appeals to me. It is cool to feel as if you are on the same level as your favorite athletes, as it allows for a more personal connection.

We have heard all the back and forth buzz about the now LA Rams moving to LA from St. Louis. Finally, the team has moved and they are currently playing in USC’s Coliseum while they await the building of their new stadium. The new multibillion-dollar stadium, $2.6 billion to be exact, is going to be state of the art, and it is estimated to be finished in 3-4 years, by the 2019 season. The LA citizen tax dollars are partially paying for the new stadium, and the community supports it. The organization seems to be optimistic about its future in Los Angeles, and they could have a really good thing going.

BUT WAIT… what if they were not the only football team in Los Angeles?

Gamble: to take risky action in the hope of a desired result. This sounds like my thought process on a daily basis; I am sure I am not alone. Gambling can be innocent or serious depending on the situation. As many people know, the NFL has been pretty back and forth with their stance on gambling. As of right now, they seem to be against betting on games, but they are definitely pro-fantasy. Fantasy football, a competition in which participants select imaginary teams from among the players in a league and score points according to the actual performance of their players, has become a huge phenomenon, but is definitely a grey area when it comes to gambling.