The Cleveland Cavaliers have announced the launching of a new community platform, Wine & Gold Nation (WGN), becoming the first professional sports team to essentially launch its own social network. Developed with the Youngstown, Ohio-based software company Drund, the goal of the platform is to give Cavaliers fans a space to engage with other similarly passionate fans and the team. 

Earlier this week, Danny Ecker reported via Twitter that the United Center had completed construction on an LED ribbon board behind the iconic Michael Jordan statue in front of the arena. 

The board will provide a new avenue for the United Center to pursue with potential sponsors, and given the visibility and appeal of the statue to both locals and visitors, it could prove to be a financial coup for all parties involved.

It appears that the dominoes are beginning to fall in regards to NBA teams striking deals for jersey sponsorship. On the heels of the Boston Celtics announcing their partnership with General Electric, both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Brooklyn Nets have thrown their hats into the ring. 

Bloomberg News reported that Brooklyn secured a deal with the technology company Infor that will pay $8 million annually to place the company's loud red logo on the team's jersey for the duration of the NBA's three-year pilot program starting in the 2017-18 season.

NBA All-Star Weekend: Business is Booming

Each winter, the NBA gathers its best talent for three days of celebration and exhibition. The host city is always a hot-spot destination for celebrities and corporate sponsors. This year’s NBA All-Star Weekend will run from Feb. 17-19 and feature the league’s top 24 players.

However, this season’s game holds some surrounding controversy.

Originally, the game was to be played in Charlotte, North Carolina (home of the Hornets), but lawmakers passed a bill in 2016 that the NBA felt didn't align with their values as a league.

On the heels of last week’s announcement that the Boston Celtics had reached a deal with General Electric to place their logo on the team’s jersey for an annual price of $7 million, the Hollywood Reporter reports that the NBA is looking to reach $150 million in revenue by way of jersey ad sales. 

The $150 million benchmark would average out to $5 million per team, and falls in line with agreements already in place for the Sacramento Kings ($5 million annually with Blue Diamond) and the Philadelphia 76ers ($5 million annually with StubHub).

Earlier this month, the National Basketball Association (NBA) held two regular season games outside of the United States on the same day. The nightcap that drew much attention took place in Mexico City, Mexico, between the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks. The game was played in Arena Ciudad de México, which holds up to 22,300 fans, larger than most NBA arenas.