Best of the Best: Triple-A Hat Rankings

By Meaghan McCloskey, @Meaghan_Mc3 and Kelsey Smith, @14Smith15

The Nashville Sounds have one of the best hats in Minor League Baseball. Image via the Nashville Sounds. 

The Nashville Sounds have one of the best hats in Minor League Baseball. Image via the Nashville Sounds

In honor of baseball season starting again, we decided to take a look at our top ten caps for Triple-A teams this week. Click here to see our rankings for Single-A and here for Double-A. Our top ten list for all of Minor League Baseball will be next week. Follow along throughout the month and let us know what your favorite minor league caps are!

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All photos are from the team websites.


Pawtucket Red Sox: There’s not much better than a cap with an animal wearing a cap. It’s cap-ception! I also like how the bear is wearing Pawtucket’s more common hat. (Kelsey)

Nashville Sounds: I love the guitar pick behind the ‘N’ and how it also looks like a baseball diamond. It’s a great way to tie in Nashville’s music scene to the team. The color scheme is also very nice. (Meaghan)


Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders: The gold “R” really pops on this hat and I like how the bottom right of the letter is actually a lightning bolt. If you look at the bottom, the R is actually laced between the lines of a railroad track. (Kelsey)   

Albuquerque Isotopes: This logo kind of reminds me of the intro to The Big Bang Theory. I like how the ‘A’ stands out in the middle, with the baseball making a circle around it. I’m not a science person, so I won’t try to break it down, but overall, it’s a really cool looking logo. (Meaghan)     


Las Vegas 51s: Just the name of Las Vegas is great, as it plays off of the secretive Area 51. They wear a sharp, blue cap with an alien head in the center. On the alien’s head is the stitches of a baseball. It’s out of this world! (Kelsey)

Omaha Storm Chasers: If you look closely, the tornado is a baseball and the nose is a bat. Omaha did a great job of personifying a tornado and making it look terrifying (although in my opinion, tornados are already pretty scary). (Meaghan)


Memphis Redbirds: It’s a simple hat, but I really like how the ‘M’ is a music note. Like Nashville’s hat, it’s a great way to tie in the music scene to a team hat. (Meaghan)

Omaha Storm Chasers: The tornado is cool, but the best part about this cap is that the tornado is in the process of sucking the bat into the eye of the storm. Also, the tornado has the red baseball stitches on it as well. (Kelsey)


Charlotte Knights: I really like how Charlotte used the slaying of a dragon to make the ‘K.’ It’s a really unique way to create the logo instead of using the letter ‘K.’ (Meaghan)

Albuquerque Isotopes: Sheldon Cooper and the rest of the Big Bang Theory characters would be proud of this hat. The A looks great with the little atoms flying around it. (Kelsey)


Round Rock Express: Choo Choo! Here comes the big Express! I like the red, navy and silver color scheme with the E at the forefront of the hat. It was also creative to turn the letter into the front of a train. (Kelsey)

Las Vegas 51s: I love how Las Vegas tied in the mysterious Area 51 with their logo and moniker. I also like how the silver alien pops off the blue background and that its head is a baseball. (Meaghan)


El Paso Chihuahuas: Red and black are great colors for this cap, and it really makes the Chihuahua pop. His eyes look mean and they’re paired with his little spikey collar. It makes for an awesome hat! (Kelsey)

Reno Aces: I love how Reno made their hat look like a card and used a spade. It’s simple and sleek. I guess you could say they aced it. (I’ll see myself out). (Meaghan)


Nashville Sounds: Nashville is the country music capital of the world and the Sounds take full advantage of this. Their name says it all but I love the “country” style “N” with the guitar pick in the background. It shows that they’re a true part of the city. (Kelsey)

Lehigh Valley Ironpigs: Another hat that’s part of a “special occasion” uniform combo. Every Saturday, the Ironpigs go with their bacon-themed ensemble and I love it. Incorporating the popular breakfast food into their branding is brilliant. It’s definitely a hat I need in my collection. (Meaghan)


Fresno Grizzlies/Tacos: I would like to take a moment to taco-bout how much I love that the Grizzlies become the Tacos every Tuesday. The whole marketing concept is genius. Plus, who wouldn’t want to wear a hat that has a taco on it? (Meaghan)

Lehigh Valley IronPigs: Lehigh Valley is #TeamBacon and has a whole line of bacon themed apparel. They go head-to-head with the Fresno Grizzlies, who do the same thing for tacos. It’s extremely creative and you can actually vote here for what side you’re on. (Kelsey)


New Orleans Babycakes: After the controversial rebrand this offseason, New Orleans came out with some cool new swag. I really like this hat because the ‘O’ for Orleans is a cake and it has a crown on it, thus making it a king cake. It perfectly embodies the New Orleans spirit. (Meaghan) 

Fresno Grizzlies/Tacos: Speaking of voting, I’m always #TeamTacos! (Kelsey)

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