Five Keys to Maximizing Your Image

By: Brian D. Stanchak, @BDStan 

I had a discussion the other day with a client about evaluating potential assistant coaches while you’re in their presence, whether they know you’re watching or not, or in the building stages of a relationship. It got me thinking back to my coaching days when I was on the road recruiting and I would take notice of how coaches presented themselves, good and bad. This piece is not about how to present yourself only as a coach when you’re recruiting, but suggestions to ensure you are maximizing your image, whether you know someone is watching or not.

Be approachable: A smile goes a long way. A little thing like saying “hi”, even when you don’t know someone, projects a friendly persona.

Be engaging: When talking with someone, focus on them, not others around you or your cell phone. Ask questions.

Be positive: You can change others’ attitudes with your positivity. As a coach, if you don’t believe, how can you expect your players to believe? We will all face adversity, but what “face” will you show adversity when it comes.

Don’t Be a Chronic Complainer: Realize that at times circumstances are out of your control. You push away people and steal energy when you complain. There is a difference between venting and complaining. Complaining, unlike venting, isn’t a temporary state of blowing off steam. Most complainers aren’t looking for a solution and don’t feel better once their done complaining.

Be reliable: When asked to or you volunteer to do something, do it. The task may not seem big to you, but it shows the person that you have made that commitment to that you care.

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