Diamondbacks to Make Significant Investment in the Dominican Republic

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By Max Hovenden, @MaxHovenden (SMU)

CEO Derrick Hall stated that the team’s investment has the potential to be within the range of $7 million to $10 million.

CEO Derrick Hall stated that the team’s investment has the potential to be within the range of $7 million to $10 million.

With the game of professional baseball continuing to evolve and become more advanced, particularly in the world of scouting, one team seems to be taking aggressive steps to try and help secure a reliable foothold in one of the most talent-rich baseball communities in the entire world.

The Arizona Diamondbacks, a team that has tried to find sustained success over the years through a reliable farm system and the development of players as well as spending hundreds of millions of dollars in free agency on acquisitions like Zack Greinke, have now made strides in the Major League world through the possible advancement of their Dominican facility.

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Recently, CEO Derrick Hall stated that the team’s investment has the potential to be within the range of $7 million to $10 million, an improvement that would increase the already bright potential of the Diamondbacks future.

The advancement in the overall education of the game of baseball, as well as the actual playing venues and the training platforms that are already offered by the location, are the focus of the influx of money. The importance of this can’t be overstated as many executives in the Major League feel that they way to attract top tier talent, much like the recruiting process in the United States for some of the top college athletes in the entire nation, is through the appealing nature of the family culture in the Dominican Republic.

The Arizona Diamondbacks current facility is located in what can now, after years of efforts made by the MLB and the teams push for more and more money invested the science of international scouting, be called the baseball city settled beautifully in the area of Boca Chica, Dominican Republic. An odd real estate situation and wrinkle presents itself here to the Diamondbacks as the actual area where the magnificent baseball facility is located is owned by the Arizona Diamondbacks Vice-President of Latin Operations, Junior Noboa.

While clearly, Noboa has an interest and agreement with the franchise, the simple fact that the team actually is a tenant to an employee is another fun fact located within the world of Major League Baseball.

With teams always looking to add assets the their development programs that will help to attract the next big slugger who can blast a ball to opposite field and over the fence or the next towering pitcher who can reach back and dial up a 97 mile per hour heater that smokes the batter and has him corkscrewing himself into the ground, the idea of innovation should be welcomed to teams.

With that in mind, the possible addition of night baseball to the Diamondbacks Dominican facility is huge. Playing games, whether it be baseball or football, at night adds an undeniable aspect of romanticism to the competition. Baseball in its most pure form is a romantic sport, it’s the reason why fans sit through all the annoying nuances of the game for hundreds of years because they love the sport. With the addition of night games and night baseball, the Diamondbacks add the heart to the facility that earlier it could have been lacking.

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