Giving Back to the Profession: #OneChanceOnePair Contest

By Karen Freberg, @kfreberg

FOS and Karen Freberg have teamed up to give away one pair of Spectacles. Photo via Karen Freberg

FOS and Karen Freberg have teamed up to give away one pair of Spectacles. Photo via Karen Freberg

One of the things I feel is the most rewarding factor about being an educator today is the opportunity to not only mentor the future generation of professionals in social media, but to give back to the profession. This can come about in many different ways from volunteering in the community, offering an educational seminar on a specific topic, or donate to support a particular initiative you are passionate about.

They say that the gift is in the giving and making a difference in someone’s life. This is something I try to do in and out of the classroom. However, if there is ever a time where I can invest in a tool that could make a world of a difference for someone else in their job, understanding of the field, or status in their role – I am right there to do that.

Which leads to this exciting announcement: I am partnering with Front Office Sports to announce a contest of one person (student or social media professional) to win a pair of Spectacles.

Background of story

This contest has been in the works for at least a few weeks, but I wanted to give you all a little background on how this all came about and what to expect for this contest.

So, let’s start at the very beginning. Spectacles (especially for the sports industry) are probably the hottest tool out there. A lot of teams have them now, but still not every team has them. Snapchat has created the ultimate fear of missing out experience for people with these glasses.

To give credit where credit is due, Snapchat was pretty smart with their campaign for Spectacles. The Spectacles campaign will be one we will be talking about for a while since it really tapped into the notion you had to be somewhere at a specific time (as shown on their map page) to get these exclusive devices and the fact they were more affordable than Google Glass ($130 compared to $1500) was another deciding factor. 

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After a few weeks of thinking about it, I went ahead and took action and I was able to get my pair over the Christmas holidays (yay for eBay!) at an affordable cost because I was not sure if I would have the chance to actually see and get one from a Snapchat bot.

Fast forward to mid January of this year, and the Snapchat bot arrived into Louisville. I actually got the notification from their Twitter account while in class. For a moment, I was pretty close to telling my class we were going to end early so we could go to the bot!

The bot was located at the Louisville Mega Caverns (a well recognized attraction here in Louisville where you can even zip line in the cave!) and I was able to make it to get two pairs of Spectacles. I sent one to a friend of mine in sports and social media (Jeremy Guy) so he could use them for the MAC Conference.  Plus, the day I got to the Snapchat bot was on his birthday – so happy birthday, Jeremy!

One pair was already sent out and I still had the second one with me. I knew I wanted to do something special with the second pair of Spectacles. I was not going to go on eBay and try to sell it. I also didn’t want to create a feeding frenzy with my friends on my platforms and decide only one person was able to get the pair (that would be a real hit with my friends!).

What did I want to do with the second pair? I wanted to give it to someone (a professional or student getting involved in the business) who would appreciate the pair and not only be able to use it in a creative way, but also share this experience with others they work with (again, the power of mentorship and providing others with the experience of using this tool to create stories on Snapchat).

I got excited about this idea and realized – I needed help in getting the world out about this and wanted to share it with one of the best communities out there. That’s why I decided to send out a Twitter DM to Adam White at Front Office Sports.

Why FOS? Because they are not only a strong sports community, but they are truly some of the best people in the business. I am forever thankful for the support Adam and his team have given not only to myself over the past few years, but for my former students who are contributors (Joe and Chase), but what they are able to do for the sports industry.

They are the real deal and I knew they would be the only ones I’d want to partner with this contest to share this experience with their community.

How to participate in the #OneChanceOnePair Contest

The contest is simple. You will want to upload a 30 second video to Twitter tagging FOS and telling us why you want this pair of Spectacles and how you would use them if you were to win them.

When posting the video, be sure to use the hashtag #OneChanceOnePair. 

With a deadline for submission of February 9th, FOS will then aggregate the videos and post them on the their verified account starting on February 13th. 

The winner will be determined by the post with the most RTs and favorites.

The prize? A teal pair of Spectacles (never opened, never used) sent to you via FedEx. No cost or payment to the winner.

Once the winner is determined, all I will need is an address to send it to. No cost whatsoever to the winner. I do have one request – definitely keep the #SMSports community and FOS updated on how you use them when you get them! We’d love to see them to show how they are being used with the community.

So, let the videos for #OneChanceOnePair commence! May the odds ever be in your favor and we are all excited to see what you all come up with!

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